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Computer Repair Online: Here It's Marvellous!

Clear Answers. Trustworthy advice. Real testimonials. Save time and money.

Remote Computer Support has become the most popular service for 3 reasons:

Online computer repair & IT support available anywhere an Internet service exists. One phone call and it's done.
In general the repair is completed in one hour or less. And with zero travel, repair time is reduced even further.
The money saved in time and travel is substantial. We give it back to you in a rate that is 33% cheaper than the on-site cost.

How does it work? See the video below...

Frequently Asked Questions re Remote Computer Repair

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Q: What type of problems can a remote online computer repair fix?

A: Remote computer access can solve an amazing range of issues, such as virus removal, program cleanups and speed optimisations, and many more.

Q: What types of computers can be worked on remotely?

A: Laptops, desktops & all-in-ones running Windows & Mac OS X.

Q: Do I need to disconnect my computer and bring it to you?

A: No. By following one simple "click here" instruction, you will connect remotely to the technician's computer. It will be as if the technician was sitting at your computer with temporary control of the mouse and keyboard.

Q: Will someone come to my home or office?

A: No. There is no need for anyone to go anywhere as the technician will work on your computer remotely for the duration of the appointment.

Q: What if my computer cannot connect to the Internet?

A: If your Internet service is working but you cannot connect, there a few settings that can be changed to get your computer to connect.

Q: How long have you been offering this service, and is it safe?

A: Dr Ordi PC Dr started offering remote service in 2006. It is safe because the client connects to the technician, not vice versa. In other words, the technician could never connect to the client's computer. Once the appointment is completed clients get a window indicating that the program has been un-installed from their computer.

Q: How much does it cost and what forms of payment are accepted?

A: The majority of appointments last one hour or less. The cost for one hour is $60; for 30 minutes it’s $30. The HST will be added to the total. Mastercard, Visa & Amex are accepted.


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