Zhao yazhi and her husband appeared at the airport

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,The star when be easy and comfortable among recreational circle is really too much, but after this conjugal love past, there are many stars to walk toward divorce however, still have the gossip inside many marriage comes even, no matter these gossip true or false, two people walk toward the result that changes hard eventually however. But this does not mean that all the star couple, gigi recently in the airport, the couple with a green dress gigi looked very young, you know gigi the people itself is very have temperament, and for so many years maintenance is also very good, looks like a young girl. However, this time he appeared, we did not put their eyes on his appearance level, but began to pay attention to his side of the husband, zhao yazhi and her husband will not often appear together.

  But this time's appearance lets everybody see, the true conjugal couple exactly should be a what appearance. To know a lot of entertainment of conjugal love is a period of time, but in between the two is a kind of nature is revealed, although both of them didn't carry any weight, and such a safe place at the airport, and there is no danger, but as a husband is a kind of habit, is quietly walked behind him, stretching out a hand cover gigi. Zhao yazhi, who is ahead of us, doesn't need to worry about herself. She just needs to show her temperament and elegance. Perhaps one of the main reasons why he has maintained his youthful appearance and appearance for so many years is not the usual maintenance, but having such a husband. Such conjugal love, believe many people are very envious after seeing it.

 Zhao yazhi

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