Yuen Wing Yee's New Year gift, how many people crave romance?

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,On Jan 14, Yuen posted her first gift of the New Year on social media. It was a beautiful foldable phone, but more people focused on the screen than the expensive phone. Because this year is the year of the tiger, in order to better foil the background of the tiger, the theme of the mobile phone is a big tiger, and under the theme of the mobile phone is three small expressions, a small love, a small tiger, a tanker, this is not the capital love tiger oil? Did not expect now 50 years old Yuan Yongyi, has already arrived when the age of grandma, but also received zhang Zhilin sent such a romantic gift, this is how many young people extravagant romantic ah? It's not that straight men don't understand romance, it's that straight men don't understand romance, or they don't want to give it to you.

  When it comes to the love history of Zhang Zhilin and Yuen Wing Yee, there is something to be said. They have been together for 30 years and married for 20, but they rarely show their love in public. However, they still participated in a couple variety show together, on the show they also showed the ordinary couple will have some bumps and bumps, there will be mutual dislike side, but this is only a small piece of life, more of their husband and wife inclining love appearance. Look at the interaction between them, let a person can't believe it was 50 years old husband and wife some sweet pictures, especially the moon received the first of the New Year gift, is to let a lot of netizens acid became a lemon essence "I don't envy couple kissing in the street, but envy them this immortal type love", is once again believe in love again! Is this the kind of love you want?

 Yuan yongyi

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