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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,Zhang xincheng has been working hard and he has always been worth it. Every time he gave us other surprises on the basis of his qualified acting skills, the play was very happy. His competitive nature on TV can really turn off people who don't know him very well a bit. But he was a kid trying to be good among ordinary people, hoping that such dedicated actors would get better and better. Zhang Xincheng is one of the few times that I get to know an actor because of a certain play, and then think that the actor is very good and like the actor. He is really good, many actors play different roles, but just like the same man, the same play. But this elder brother is not the same, he played Yuan Zhongxin, Lin Yang, Li Yubing really feel different, the role played alive. After watching his interview, I think he is a man of depth.

  I feel that he is sincere, he takes life seriously and his career as an actor. After watching the recent ace, I like this boy more and more. I can feel that he is a pure and earnest actor who also makes progress. I hope he can be who he wants to be. Look at the old times when I can see the light from Zhang Xincheng's eyes, the trilogy of favorite should be the little sun Lin Yang, he really played live this person. And it feels like his personality fits in well with that. I have seen Lin Yang, Yuan Zhongxin and Li Yubing, but I am fascinated by Zhang Xincheng, not because of the role, but because of him. I feel very real and charming, just like the sentence in The temple. His soul is of great quality. I feel the difference between Zhang Xincheng and others, and I feel inspired by his progress.

 Zhang xincheng

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