Deng chao and sun li posts micro blog

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,Say to the star that showbiz loves very much, so everybody can think of certainly, it is deng chao and sun li they two people, say these two people are to advance in tandem really, no matter be in the career medium or in mutual black respect. Although love two people, but to ridicule each other's things and never be ah, deng chao, in particular, in recent deng chao and sent out a tweet, match is this tweet, sun li's photos, but this photo is to let many people fun ah, this is where show, the beauty of sun li is clearly in the show ugly ah, sun li in the middle of the picture, short hair the eyes is very big, the whole person looks very whimsy. Nevertheless even if be such photograph, however the appearance level that still can see sun li has in the end how tall, after all so uglified won't let everybody feel unsightly nevertheless.

  Do not know deng chao is after basking in sun li such photograph, go home can be beaten? Actually deng chao is on this road in black sun li, but had not given up all the time, often can make fun of his wife in oneself microblog, it is a few uglier that can use oneself wife to regard as match a graph more. Although every lie between period of time can have such microblog to send out, still have the person safety that many net friends are worrying about this deng chao however, basking in sun li such ugly photograph, go home won't be killed by sun li really? Even if this pair of hustler husband and wife is to did not bring new work to everybody, also be the main source of happiness of a lot of people, look deng chao still wants to update a microblog more recently, after all such ability can let everybody know sun li did not fall dead hand, still left him a small life.

 Deng chao

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