Wang yibo handwritten thank-you note

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,In the entertainment circle want their own way to go better, mainly to have a old man of the entertainment circle with you, and the recent yi-bo wang of a handwritten thank-you note, is making a lot of people are feeling, to know yi-bo wang since joining the brother every day, has attracted a lot of attention, as a rookie, after all, his appearance level or host language would receive attention. However, from the newcomer who couldn't let go at the very beginning to the little brother who can catch the stalk on the stage now, in addition to his own efforts, it is these co-hosts who helped him, and this thank-you letter is from him to wang han, a heartfelt thank you. Entertainment circle is not easy, perhaps only really into the circle of people know it.

  As for wang hange, who has been giving him a lot of help, wang yibo will carefully record every detail of him and write it in this letter of thanks. It is also his lucky to meet such a guide in his career. Wang han's professional ability and high eq have always been praised by everyone in the circle, and his care for new people is only known by these new people who contact with him. When it comes to wang han's appearance level, there is no way to compare with wang yibo, but wang han definitely has his own strength and ability to do so well in this circle. However, this thank-you letter was written very touching, but there was one point that was ridiculed by everyone, that is, wang yibo's words. In this thank-you letter, every word was written by wang yibo himself, which also made people laugh, he is too ugly word, but this gratitude, I believe wang han received.

 Wang yibo

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