Zhang JiaNi talked about her mother

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,For those stars who have not yet married, everyone is very concerned about their private life, especially the emotional aspects of many fans continue to speculate, but for those who are already married, I believe that everyone is more concerned It is the question of how they get along with their elders in the family. Just recently, Zhang Jiani and her husband participated in a program. They had discussed such things during the program. However, they did not discuss his family and his mother-in-law in the family, but discussed the name. problem. Don't look at Zhang Jiani has been married for so long, but at home, Zhang Jiani called her mother-in-law, not like an ordinary person, but called aunt. Although such a name is not understood by many people, there are even many people who are guessing that Zhang Jia Ni and his mother-in-law relationship are not particularly good.

  But Zhang Jiani herself said in the show that she always felt that she was missing something at home, so she never changed her mouth. Moreover, Zhang Jiani and Shang Chao did not have a wedding until now. Of course, there is no such thing as changing the tea. It may be that Zhang Jiani still feels something missing in the wedding. However, through this name, everyone infers that Zhang Jiani is not particularly good at getting along with her mother-in-law in her life. She even said that this family did not accept Zhang Jia Ni. This kind of inference is very ridiculous. Today, Zhang Jiani has not been born with two children, and Zhang Jiani is a very good person. I believe that there is no problem in dealing with mother-in-law.

 Zhang Jia ni

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