Zhao wei husband explode scandal, the truth is so

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  顺盈娱乐平台报道,The income of stars has always been a hot topic of discussion, and as stars, although they receive very high salaries, they also bear a lot of external pressure. In the recent period of time, there are a lot of media exposed the news that the husband of a famous actress was recently debt collection, and this list of debt collection refers to zhao wei's husband. This makes many people very surprised, we still have a certain understanding of zhao wei, whether it is acting or business mind, zhao wei is a very strong existence, and such a person with brains how to be chased debt? This makes a lot of people very puzzled, but this thing also got an explanation now, in fact zhao wei's husband is not in debt, this is just some people's nonsense, for this thing we do not want to believe .

  Zhao after the couple at the wedding but was a lot of attention, although said zhao now growing popularity in the entertainment circle, but rarely move out, but it didn't hold up, everybody for their concern of the family, even more attention than even before approaching, idol like zhao wei and how many people will not be concerned, but it also brought them a lot of trouble, often have derailed zhao husband waiting for news. But small make up think, since zhao wei has chosen gradually from the entertainment circle out of everyone's sight, we still respect the choice of zhao wei, don't push everything too hard, after all, they also have their own private life. I do not know this is after the rumor of debt recovery calm, and what kind of news to everyone came? Will you always pay attention to zhao wei and her family?

 Zhao wei

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